Try something new. You won’t be disappointed.
Don’t act in a manner that might require an apology later.
No temper tantrums, expectation of uniquely special treatment or other exceedingly high-maintenance behavior. We treat all of our guests very well. We promise you the same.
You are responsible for the behavior of your guests. Do not bring anyone that you couldn’t leave with your mother for an afternoon.
Gentlemen will kindly remove their hats. Servers can store them for you if you like.
Ladies, if it’s late and you would like an escort to your car, please let your server know. Gentlemen, if you would like an escort, you may be a woman.
Gentlemen will not badger, stalk or harass women. Be cool. Please exercise tact and savvy.
Please don’t feed or donate money to anyone who’s last name you don’t know. If you would like to support the neighborhood, please ask a server for suggestions.
Appropriate dress is required. If you wouldn’t wear it around your mother, please don’t wear it here.
Drunkenness is prohibited. If you are drunk, we can call you a cab. Call it a night. Don’t call your ex.
The guest is always right, except when they are wrong.
We are in the business of exceeding your expectations. If we don’t, please don’t burn the place down. Let us know what we can do to improve your experience next time.
Thoroughly enjoy yourself